Unexplained braking in autopilot

This is probably my biggest complaint about autopilot at this point. I commute daily about 35 miles each way (Denver to boulder on 36 for Colorado people) in my Model X, and with every software revision I have ever had, there is sudden unexplained braking in several spots each direction of my drive. Happens with or without navigate on autopilot engaged, and it’s dangerous as hell. The car has me trained to constantly hover my foot over the accelerator, which also feels unsafe (although necessary).

I’m on 2019.20.2.1 although as I said, this has been an issue since we got the car in December.

I typically try to issue a voice bug report although I have heard those are only uploaded if you go to a service center?

Hopefully it is something they are attempting to address because it IS going to create accidents.

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