Tesla Daily Discussion – June 21, 2019

Use this daily thread for anything…? 🙂 Some Examples:

  • Basic Questions and Answers
  • Sightings / Vehicle Customization / Vanity Plates
  • Orders or Deliveries
  • Shop Items Discussion (Toys, Apparel, Gifts, etc)

Vehicle Issues or Bugs?
If you have a concern about a potential bug, try our new Support page first and report results. Thanks!

Our Wiki Pages
Overview | About Us | FAQ | Accessories | Did You Know? | Useful Sites | OTA Software Megathreads | Support | Moderation

Still need moar Tesla?
r/TeslaMotors | Discord Chat | r/TeslaPorn | r/TeslaClassifieds | r/Superchargers | r/TeslaModel3 | Podcasts

Please be kind, genuine, and welcoming. Check out the Gigathread from r/TeslaMotors. Have suggestions? This sub is less moderated and some links reference the primary r/TeslaMotors subreddit, so reach out to mods directly if you need to reach out.

Find past daily threads here.

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