Introducing ElectricSocial, the all new way to check-in to Superchargers!

My name is Cici, and I’m 15 (go easy on me :P). I hope to have a future as a CEO. Ever since I was 9, I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur. In 2012, my dad bought a Tesla Model S. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with Tesla. Last summer, I went to the Tesla shareholders meeting. I told Elon about my company and asked him what I could do to support Tesla and the Electric Revolution. Elon replied by saying “Sounds like you should work for Tesla.” After the meeting, one of Tesla’s employees asked me to send my resume to her and offered me an internship once I’m out of high school.

In 2015, my family took a trip to Disney World. On our way back, we wanted to stop somewhere for lunch while we were at a Supercharger. We didn’t know which Supercharger would have restaurants we’d like nearby. I figured it’d be easiest if there was an app or website that had information about each Supercharger and what’s around it. This led to the creation of ElectricSocial.

ElectricSocial is an app that will allow you to see what is around each Supercharger such as restaurants, stores, and WiFi. In addition, you will be able to log which Superchargers you visit, plan trips, and get on leaderboards based on the number of Superchargers you visit.

ElectricSocial is a continuously growing app, we are just in the beginning stages. We would love to hear your feedback and any ideas you might have. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and improving ElectricSocial!

Download it today:

Get your Tesla dreams started on eBay!

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