Help understanding limitations of storing and organizing music, podcasts, and audio books on connected SSD

What I want: a single SSD to be used for the dash cam, sentry mode, and various audio files.

I know I need to format the drive into two partitions, create a TeslaCam folder at the root level of one partition, format the TeslaCam partition using FAT32, and store everything music/media related on the second partition. I've also read that the music/media partition can be formatted in either FAT32 or EXT4 (EXT4 would be great).

What I don't know and need help with:

  1. Can I keep music, podcasts, and audio books all on the same media partition? Do I have to follow any specific directory structure to do so? Can I play DRM files?
  2. Does the model 3 have limitations with regards to playlists, song order, etc.? If yes, what should I beware of before copying everything over to the SSD?

If I get time before my wife "needs" the car again, I may try initially formatting the TeslaCam partition using EXT4 as an experiment just to see if it works and post the results back here.

I initially had problems with video data loss (not all three cameras would record at once, pixelated video on some videos, green filter over parts of video, etc.) using an older USB thumb drive. I am hoping that using a SSD will resolve those issues and show that it was just a matter of needing a device with better write speeds.

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