Tint Deal For Those In The San Diego Area

I just picked up a second Model 3, this time an SR+ before the Fed rebate half again. I wanted to get a good tint on it before the summer heat.

I purchased the First Edition LR Model 3 back in March of 2018. I went with Monumental Workx and Photosync tint based on the many high regard recommendations from TMC forums. This time around, I don’t want to spend $1300 on tint so I went with something more reasonably priced.

For those in the San Diego area, Monumental Workx is offering a group buys deal: Llumar Pinnacle $500 or Stratos $750, includes 4 windows and the back windshield as a 1 piece install. Optional front windshield can be done for $250.

I went with the Stratos 70% front windshield, 50% front sides, 30% for back sides and back windshield. Super happy with the results.

Get your Tesla dreams started on eBay!

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